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STARK Cycling is a dynamic cycling network for craftsmen that combines a passion for cycling with professional networking. Over the years, the network has fostered local training groups, inspiring lectures and gathered members around common challenges in cycling races across the country.


Skovgaard & Damgaard had to create an internal website that served as the heart of STARK Cycling – a platform where members could easily sign up for events and become part of a growing cycling community. Ease of use and a systematized event overview were essential to achieve this.

What we delivered

Pedaling with STARK Cycling

Eventsystem boosts community and brand awareness at the country's leading DIY store.

Skovgaard & Damgaard developed a customized event system in WordPress, designed to reflect STARK’s visual identity with full respect for their brand guidelines.

With an intuitive event calendar, dedicated event pages and an easy-to-use registration feature, the site became the central hub for STARK Cycling’s many activities.

The new website quickly became a success with hundreds of registrations for various events, from local training sessions to major events like Tour de Storebælt.

The cycling network that brings the industry together

Skovgaard & Damgaard has helped STARK build a digital event platform.

STARK’s commitment to sport, through extensive sponsorships and donations, extends from national teams to local communities and is reflected in their cycling network. STARK Cycling, supported by the STARK Foundation, promotes long-term and sustainable values and professionalism.

"Through the collaboration with Skovgaard & Damgaard, we have developed a platform that serves as a hub for our members' professional development and networking."

Simon Andsbjerg
Event Manager, STARK

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