Copywriting and PR

Do you want to put your business on the map and secure a strong public profile? We are your go-to experts for striking texts, press releases and translations that speak your brand language. We’re here to amplify your voice and ensure your story reaches far and wide – with accuracy and creativity.

We offer the following services to optimize your company’s PR efforts:

The composition of products is always adjustable. We suggest taking a dialogue to match your current needs.


Looking for content that captivates and informs? Whether it’s your website, webshop, blogs, newsletters or social media, we match your needs with words that work for you. We create texts that grab attention and stand out – both for your readers and search engines.

Let us handle your next text assignment with precision and creativity. Are you curious or do you have an idea in mind? We’re just one conversation away from starting the journey towards clear and compelling content.

Do you have a text assignment?

We would love to help solve it. Do you have questions or would you like to turn a concrete text drafting task.

Do you have a story you want the world to hear?

We’ll help you tell it through a professional press release.

Press releases

Is your business ready to make a lasting impression? Whether you’re an emerging entrepreneur or an established business with exciting news. We make sure your voice carries the message.

Our press releases are craftsmanship – created to capture interest, convey your message and bridge the gap between you and the media world. Let’s craft your story so that it’s not just heard, but genuinely engaging.

We have written press releases for:

PR package

Press release incl. photos

We offer a professional PR package with high quality copywriting for press release including photo session.

You will:


Who is the PR package ideal for?

The PR package is perfect for you if you want good, professional media coverage for your start-up. Or for you if you have a company with a new and exciting publication that needs to reach both existing and new customers.

Plus, it’s for those who want professional, high-quality photos to match the press release’s message.

We translate it

We have years of experience in translating from both Danish to English and English to Danish.



We are experts in making your words speak clearly across language barriers. With years of experience navigating between Danish and English, we guarantee translations that flow naturally and strike the right tone. Every text goes through a thorough proofreading and quality assurance process to ensure nothing is lost in translation.

Translation, proofreading and quality assurance are always included in the price.


Get help with good SEO texts

At Skovgaard & Damgaard, we help you write good SEO-friendly texts for your website or webshop. Both if you need to create a brand new website with good SEO texts, or SEO optimization of already existing website texts. We always offer a fair price for SEO texts.

We have extensive experience in writing good SEO text that is easy to understand and thus ranks high in search engines. So let us write good SEO copy that contains the exact keywords and/or keyword phrases that are relevant to your potential customers’ Google searches.

What does SEO optimization mean?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, which means Google search engine optimization. When your customers search on Google, it’s Google’s job to display the most relevant results at the top. That’s why your SEO copy should be written with your audience’s search intent in mind, helping them find what they’re looking for.

Want us to create your SEO-friendly texts?

Writing great SEO copy that both your customers and Google will love is our number one priority.

SEO optimization is a way to make yourself most relevant and visible to Google searches.

Let Skovgaard & Damgaard take care of your SEO texts if you want more clicks to your website, increased awareness and thus greater opportunities for increased sales and turnover.

Are you ready to strengthen your brand?

Get in touch with Katrine. We’re always open to talking about the possibilities for your brand, no obligations – just openness and an honest conversation about what we can accomplish together.

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