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Kastbergs Is, established by entrepreneur Joachim Kastberg from Silkeborg, has evolved from a local ice cream dairy to a national supplier of gourmet ice cream and sorbet. With a focus on quality and local ingredients, Kastbergs Is has created a niche in premium ice cream products that are enjoyed across Denmark and Germany.


Kastbergs Is introduced their new ice house concept, designed to make it easy for retailers to start selling gourmet ice cream. The concept includes a complete set of products and marketing materials, making it easy for new dealers to get started. Our task was to create engaging photo and video content that highlights the quality of the ice cream and supports their sales efforts.

What we delivered

Visual narrative for Kastbergs Ice Cream

From photo and video to finished landing page: How the ice cream parlor concept was made ready for marketing.

In our collaboration with Kastbergs Is, we were tasked with bringing their scoop concept to life through photo and video material. The goal was to capture the essence of Kastbergs Is and showcase the quality and versatility of the product in a way that speaks directly to potential ice cream retailers.

The result of our efforts can be seen on Kastberg’s own landing page, where photos and video form the backbone of their online presentation. Using visual content that not only catches the eye but also tells the story of quality and craftsmanship, we helped Kastbergs Is create a compelling and promotional platform.

The images show the wide range of ice cream and sorbets and are designed to make it easy for visitors to imagine the products in their own store. The videos add a further dimension by demonstrating the product’s use in real-life scenarios to support the sales argument.

The Scoop concept captured in moving pictures

Skovgaard & Damgaard has collaborated with Kastbergs Is to create visual material to capture the interest of new ice cream retailers.

Our task was to visualize Kastbergs Is’ scoop concept and bring it to life for potential ice cream retailers. We produced a series of vibrant and engaging images and videos that not only showcase the quality of the product, but also how it can be presented attractively in a commercial context.

These materials now form the core of Kastbergs Is’ digital presentation, with each video and image carefully selected to demonstrate the ease of use and quality that makes the concept ideal for both new and established ice cream retailers.

"Working with Skovgaard & Damgaard has been essential in showing the potential of our ice house concept. Their professional photos and videos have made it easy for potential retailers to see the value of buying into our ice house concept."

Joachim Kastberg
Founder, Kastbergs Ice Cream

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